Little Feet don’t stay tiny for long, our Lasting Impressions will last a lifetime!

You can ‘capture’ the detail of your family’s hands, feet and even the pet’s paws for posterity, in our soft clay.  Our process gives you an actual impression of your little one’s hand or foot, preserved forever as a quality ceramic.

It’s so easy

In less than half an hour, we can guide you though the colour and shape options and take your impressions.  After that, we do all the work for you, shaping, firing, painting, glazing, and firing again.  We then put a hanger on or place it in a frame and phone/email you to collect when its ready. This process takes around 4 weeks.

What a wonderful gift for grandparents, godparents, Aunties & Uncles too!

Age? Any age from a baby of only days old upwards. Its up to you! We’ve pressed babies 3 days old, dogs of 13 years, the kicking foot of a budding footballer, and mum, dad and grandparents hands.

How to Book

It is advisable to book in advance by phone or e-mail, especially during busy times, such as weekends and school holidays. It is may be possible to drop in, or phone on the day for availability.

In some circumstances we can arrange to visit you at home or hospital to take your impressions.  Please phone us to discuss your requirements.

Allow approximately 30 minutes for appointment and 28 days for completion.

The price includes choice of colour from our samples, and writing the name, age and year (if wanted) in our general style.

As each is freehand painted & written before glaze is applied and fired, there will be variation in the style, position of wording & intensity of colour. Clay is a natural product, and some variations and or shading may show in the finished Impression.

For more complex colour schemes and extra wording additional charges  apply – approx. £2 to £5 per change or addition. Please ask.

To match an Impression made previously, please provide a photograph. We will try to match it as well as possible, but cannot guarantee as changes in clay, paint, the painter and firing all have a bearing on the final outcome.

It is very rare, but occasionally your impression may crack or develop a fault during the firing process. If this should happen, we will take a second impression, but little ones grow all the time, and we cannot put back the clocks.  If the original impression has cracked we cannot allow you to take this away with you.

For current prices, see below:

Baby’s 16 weeks & under            ‘Ready to Hang’     Framed 


Single hand or foot ‘oval’                £25.95

Single hand or foot ‘square’            £25.95      

Single pet paw                                   £25.95  

Single key print                                £25.95  

Single hand or foot ‘Heart shaped’ £32.95       

Hand & Foot  Oval  or Square        £52.95                      £79.95

‘Heart Feet’ or ‘Footsteps’                £59.95     



17 weeks – 18 months

Single hand or foot  ‘Oval’              £30.95                     

Single hand or foot  ‘Square’          £30.95

Hand & Foot  Oval  or Square        £62.95                   £89.95


2 hands (1 or more over 6 mths ‘oval’)   £62.95         £89.95

2 hands (as above but ‘square’)            £62.95           £89.95


18 months upwards & family groups

Prices from £39.95 upwards for a single hand.  Please ask a Staff member for prices.

For family groups we can supply bespoke frames to hold up to 5 separate single hand prints.